Institutional Strategies/Resources for Teaching and Learning Centers

Here are resources that Faculty Developers and Teaching and Learning Centers can use to guide and support faculty. When used along with the science/biology based examples and articles presented in each unit, these can be powerful tools to bring about departmental and institutional transformation.

Institution-level Resources

A Discipline-Based Teaching and Learning Center: A Model for Professional Development. This book is an excellent guide for building a faculty development program that supports the needs of STEM faculty.  

Student-Centered Learning Resources: These are downloadable files.

Engaging Students: Professional Development Resources for a Learning-Centered Teaching Program 

Kolb-based Learning Centered and Learning Cycle Lesson 

Kolb Learning Styles Self-Study Package

Course Design Resources:These are downloadable files.

This Course Design Slides.pdf and accompanying worksheets,reference in the presentation, can be used by Faculty Developers/Teaching and Learning Staff as the basis for a workshop on course design.

Worksheets form.doc 

Yellow Sheet Understanding by Design

Pink Sheets Blooms

Blue Sheet Fink  

Assessment Resources

CATS Workshop Model


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