Introduction to Vision and Change and PULSE Resources

The document, Vision and Change: A Call To Action provides recommendations for transforming biology education. Take  some time to familiarize yourself with the document so that you understand the reasons why change is needed and the recommended actions that need to occur to bring about change. Visit the Vision and Change website to learn more.

Here is a summary of the Recommendations: V&C Recommendations.pdf

View  the Best practices used by institutions across the country in the Chronicling the Change Document

Here is a Guide to PULSE Resources: PULSE Online Resources to help you adopt the V&C recommendations

Suggested V&C discussion group activity:

1) Read the document paying close attention to the sections that deal with Goals 2 and 3. Student-centered learning and building a community committed to transforming life science education are the focus of this online course.

2) Read the second chapter of this unit to get a better understanding of Why Change is Needed.

3) Discuss the questions below with your colleagues or Log into the PULSE Community website so that you can participate in the discussion forums.

4) Now that you have read through the Vision and Change document, can you identify student-centered practices that you currently use with your students?

5) What do you see as the greatest challenges to the implementation of the Vision and Change recommendations for introductory biology courses? How have you tried to address these challenges?

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