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Northwest PULSE Community of Practice:

If you would like to see the current members of our Community of Practice, including the other schools in the region that have already participated in our program, please visit our Google Map or, alternatively, a list of the institutional members and examples of their departmental transformation work can be found at this site.  One example of a project that resulted from the work of University of Alaska-Anchorage can be found on this site.  

To get to our Teams' posters for Action Plans, Visioning Statements, and Year 1 Reports, go here.

NW PULSE Outcomes related to Curriculum and Departmental Transformation:

We have been communicating the outcomes of our NSF-funded Community of Practice at recent meetings!  Click on the meeting names to see our posters from the Summer 2017 Biology Education Gordon Conference and SABER.  meetings.  We also presented our intermediate project outcomes at the 2017 AAC&U-PKAL meeting.

NW PULSE Webinars:

The Northwest PULSE Fellows and our Steering Committee members have produced several webinars on Curricular and Departmental Change Strategies that you may find of interest.  Click on the following to get to our YouTube video recordings of these events.

1.  Concept Inventories

2.  Dynamic Governance

3.  Curriculum Mapping

(If you would like the materials for the Curriculum Mapping Webinar, contact Bill Davis)

Materials from NW PULSE Workshops:

To access NW PULSE Cohort 3 Meeting Materials, click here.

To access NW PULSE Cohort 4 Meeting Materials, click here.

To access NW PULSE Cohort 5 Meeting Materials, click here.

The Northwest (NW) has 8 PULSE Fellows from diverse institution types, and these individuals have come together to form the Northwest PULSE working group. Using funds from NSF RCN-UBE (NSF #1346583) and EAGER (NSF #1347553) awards, this group has created a NW V&C Community of Practice (COP), a network of colleges and universities in the NW (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY; additional schools from CA, GA, UT) that is shown on this map.  Institutions that join the NW COP will use the resources and tools developed both within and outside of the PULSE effort to transform how their Life Science Departments educate their students using a Systems Thinking approach.

The PULSE Fellows on this project are Joann Otto (Western Washington Univ.), William B. Davis (Washington State Univ.), Gary Reiness (Lewis and Clark College), Alyce DeMarais (Univ. of Puget Sound), Jenny McFarland (Edmonds Community College), Christine Goedhart (University of British Columbia), and Erika Offerdahl (Washington State University).  The Steering Committee for the NW PULSE Community of Practice includes Carol Pollock (Univ. British Columbia), Stasinos Stavrianeas (Willamette Univ.), and Mary Pat Wenderoth (Univ. Washington).  Emeritus members of NW PULSE include Gita Bangera (Bellevue College) and Pamela Pape-Lindstrom (Everett Community College).

Over the time period between Fall 2013 and Spring 2018, these individuals will lead an annual departmental transformation program that consists of: i) an October Workshop attended by 15 teams of faculty, administrators and students dedicated to the transformation of their departments and/or institutions, ii) online and in person workshops and an assigned coach to assist the teams in their departmental transformation during the academic year, and iii) a symposia at the Northwest Biology Instructor’s Organization conference held each May.

If you are interested in an overview of the NW PULSE Community of Practice, please visit our interactive Google map here.  You can find links to the institutions in Cohorts I-V and learn more about their successes and struggles in departmental transformation.

Previous materials:

General Workshop Information and Invitation here.

Application for Oct 13-15, 2017 workshop here.


If you are an undergraduate life science educator, department chair, or administrator, we invite you to join PULSE and make your department a model of Vision and Change in undergraduate life science education!


See PULSE NEWS for announcements, events, and other V&C related activities


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