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PULSE Framework for Change: The PULSE Fellows have developed the PULSE Framework using a Transformation Cycle and a customized set of tools that assist departments at each stage in the transformation process. Departments that are just learning about Vision and Change will find resources to help them raise awareness and build a capacity for change. Other departments that are further along will find resources for taking action, supporting implementation and assessing changes.

The Online Toolkit is intended to put Life Sciences departments in touch with key resources relevant to their efforts to learn about and implement Vision and Change recommendations. The list of resources is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to provide starting points for departmental discussions about V&C transformation. It may be useful to consult the PULSE Framework for Change prior to beginning such discussions.

Online Workshops provide you with information and vetted resources that you can use to transform your lessons, courses, and department using the principles provided in the Vision and Change document. The resources are clustered in units that provide an introduction to the topic, discipline based educational research to support its use and examples and handouts so you can begin to use it in your own classroom. You can use the units as an online workshop or to develop face-to-face workshops for your department. While you can work through each unit/lessons on your own, you may find it beneficial to work with the faculty development/teaching and learning staff, or departmental faculty leaders on your campus.

PULSE Vision & Change Snapshot Rubric is designed as a tool for faculty and administrators to gain a quick overview of the alignment of their life science program with some of the major elements of the recommendations of the Vision and Change (V&C) report (2011). The PULSE Vision Change Snapshot Rubric includes components of the five separate rubrics that make up the complete PULSE Vision Change rubrics: 1) Curriculum Alignment, 2) Assessment, 3) Faculty Practice/Faculty Support, 4) Infrastructure, and 5) Climate for Change. Departments can submit their Snapshot rubrics results to the PULSE Portal. The complete set of rubrics is designed as a diagnostic tool to be used in a self-study to evaluate the full extent of implementation of the recommendations of the Vision and Change (V&C) report (2011) and is used in the PULSE Recognition program.

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This is a list of current faculty positions open at PULSE member institutions.  Access to the job postings is free for all PULSE Website Members.  Simply click on the link for information about each opening.  All inquiries about the posted jobs should be directed to the search chair at the advertising institution.

Posting job ads is temporarily provided gratis as a courtesy for PULSE members.  It is likely that there will be a nominal posting fee required in the future.  

If you would like to have your job posting listed on this site please send the advertisement link or a .pdf to PULSE-JOBS.

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